Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions by visitors and investors on Essprime


Essprime is a Forex and Cryptocurrency research and asset management company. We take your capital and trade with....

An awe-inspiring feature of Cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin is its ever increasing value, starting from 0.0025 USD back in 2009 to over 14,000 USD in the latter months of 2017. A very meaningful investment can be made with Bitcoins because a two-way income stream for our Investors is established. The first income stream lies in the Return of Investment (ROI) made through trading the coins in worthwhile commodities by Essprime within a year indenture period and the Second income stream being that as trading/management of Investors Account is ongoing, the value of the coin increases; this synergy yields appreciable financial benefit for both Client/Investor and Essprime.

All profits are calculated in Bitcoin, which means Essprime's objective is to increase your Bitcoin holdings.

The profits are updated on your account every 24 hours untill your investment period expires.

Copy your referral link from your account profile and share it with your friends, once they create an account and invest, 5% of their invested capital will go directly to your account. Please note the referral system is only 1 level down. This is to prevent misuse of it.

After you have submitted a withdrawal, it will take 24hrs max for the firm to liquidate your positions and send you your BTC.

The company gives you 50% returns on your investment after 5 days inclusive of your capital.

In Essprime we believe in freedom of will and thus we have set no minimum investment period, which means you can exit the fund at any given time.